Price monitoring

Competitor monitoring for retailers

Stay informed about your competitors' products and prices.

copio analytics collects price and assortment information from the competition for retailers and provides strong algorithms for automated matching of the assortments to each other. This gives you a transparent view of the market at all times.

copio analytics
The competition always in view

Price monitoring with copio analytics

Keep an eye on your competitors and their activities

Competitor monitoring is recommended for every retailer, because a full view of the competition and its activities is more important than ever. Which product ranges are offered and how do they develop over time? What are the current prices of the competition? How often and at what times do competitors change prices? Answering these questions is essential for operational and strategic decisions on price optimization or assortment design. Unfortunately, it is very time-consuming to keep such data up to date at all times.

copio analytics does it for you! The automated and regular readout of competitor assortments provides you with comprehensive data for competitive analysis and price optimization. The high-performance matching algorithm supports you in assigning the products to be compared, so that the price comparison can be made quickly and clearly.

Powerful tool

The features at a glance


Flexible sources

Decide for yourself which shops or marketplaces should be automatically monitored.


Variable crawling frequency

You can freely determine which sources are to be monitored, to what extent and at what frequency. From ad-hoc to hourly, our crawlers run for you.


Overview of all channels

We provide detailed information for all of your relevant competitors and marketplaces in easy to use dahsboards. Dedicated crawlers can be developed for almost any online shop.


Intelligent assortment matching

You want to compare your portfolio directly with the competition? A matching algorithm assigns the assortments, validates system-side or presents proposals for manual checkup.


Direct comparison

After matching, compare the prices of individual products, defined shopping carts or even entire categories between your product range and any number of competitors.


Supported evaluations

The extensive analysis functions of copio analytics help you evaluate data and support you in deriving actions.


Trends directly visible

See price developments at a glance in clear graphics at the level of individual articles, shopping carts or entire assortments.


Notice assortment changes

You no longer miss when the competition changes its prices, what discounts it gives, where price differences exist or which products are listed or unlisted.


Free in the use of data

Export all data as you like for further offline analysis or usage in your own BI tools.