Frequently asked questions


What results do I get?

We can basically read out all the information that is available on the defined target pages. Of course, we have a certain standard set, but we can also implement individual requirements.

How many items can I monitor?

You determine the quantity of articles and search frequency.

How often do I get product updates?

You determine the quantity of articles and search frequency.

Online Shops & Marketplaces

Which shops or platforms can I monitor?

With our basic package, you can monitor the platforms Amazon, eBay, Google Shopping, idealo and Kaufland (in Germany) as standard. We will be happy to integrate additional sources individually for you.

In addition, our "Explorative Search" is available to you, which also searches the entire web for previously unknown providers.

Can I monitor international websites?

We are happy to adapt the crawlers to your individual needs. Please contact us!


Can I change the frequency, e.g. for seasonal products?

Yes, you can adjust the relevant assortment at any time within the scope of your booked package.

Can I export the data and compile exports myself?

ORAYA offers you various standard reports for immediate download or regular e-mail delivery. In addition, you can also export individually compiled data directly from the system.

Is the system also available in English?


What technical requirements do I have to meet?

Our software solutions are web-based and therefore do not require installation on your devices. You will receive a corresponding link and access data from us and can start immediately in your standard browser. 

Contract & Costs

What is the minimal contract period?

1 month but it get's cheaper if you sign up for a longer term :)

What about the costs?

The package price depends on the number of items, the number of shops or marletplaces and the frequency of your crawling requirements.

When can I get started?

If you don't need a highly customized solution, tomorrow :) Otherwise we will discuss the timeline with you in our first meeting.

How many users?

You can get access for multiple users at no additional cost.

What if I need help?

You always have a contact person to whom you can turn either via chat, mail or phone, dependong on the package you've booked.