ORAYA compass (beta)

Just in time for the biggest tech conference in Europe, the Web Summit in Lisbon, we launched our new product oraya compass in the beta phase.

ORAYA compass: Your new lightweight price comparison and analysis tool

compass product insights

What ORAYA compass offers to you

Set your portfolio

Easily and quickly upload, edit and delete your own articles.


Get various analyses on prices, categories or shopping carts.

Shops and Websites

Add relevant stores or websites with which you can compare your products in just a few steps.

Full Service

Benefit, as usual, from oraya's personal and fast service with our oraya helpdesk.

ORAYA compass now in beta

What does this mean?

We first conducted internal tests and productive use of the new product with selected customers to ensure that ORAYA compass delivers appropriate added value for manufacturers and retailers.

What is oraya compass?

ORAYA compass is a software-as-a-service solution specifically for small to medium-sized companies that want to better understand their markets. For this purpose, individual products of competitors can be created in an online interface. These are then automatically monitored by ORAYA compass, so that one is informed when changes occur in these products, such as price increases.

What next?

We now invite you to the beta program. Anyone who is interested in getting to know ORAYA compass better can sign up for a time-limited free use via the following link.


ORAYA compass (beta):

test now free of charge for a limited period