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Why competitive intelligence?

Warum ist die strategische Wettbewerbsbeobachtung so wichtig? Erfahrt, wie ihr im Wettbewerb die langfristige Existenz eures Unternehmens sichern...


What does Digital X 2023 mean for oraya?

Unsere Teilnahme an der Digital X ist nicht nur eine Gelegenheit, unsere Marke zu stärken, sondern auch die Relevanz unserer Technologien im Retail...


Identify similar competitive products 

Gathering knowledge about your competition and similar articles creates invaluable insights for success-oriented strategy alignment.


Price optimization instead of cost reduction

Our Chief Sales & Marketing Officer, Tobias Zielke pondered the challenges facing manufacturers and distributors and sees opportunities in the...


Development of retail business models

Traditional retail is facing major challenges as it loses more and more market share to e-commerce. Retailers who stick to the status quo and are not...


Repricing: Designing competitive prices

Repricing refers to a special concept in online retailing. This is a very decisive factor, especially in online retailing.


Challenges in multichannel management

This provides an overview of multichannel ecommerce, explain how it works, discuss retail channels and choices to consider, explore its profitability.


Price positioning: Why is it so important?

Looking for insights on pricing strategies? Check out our blog post on the importance of price positioning for retailers and manufacturers


Countering the market challenges

Die Marktbeobachtung ist ein Instrument für Hersteller, die der Konkurrenz einen Schritt voraus sein und Wachstums-/ Expansionsmöglichkeiten...

oraya.io now also available in English

This blog is about event participation, product news, information about the company and the team as well as news about market intelligence and price...


Identifying market trends on time

With detailed strategies for future success and real-time information on product demand and competition for all emerging retailers


Identifying your competitors in retail

Gain an edge over competitors in the retail industry? Learn all about competitive analysis and how it can help your business succeed


Competitor monitoring for retailers

Learn how to watch your competitors and stay ahead as a retailer. This blog post offers strategies, tips and tricks to help you get started.


We are there: Bits & Pretzels 2022

Europe's leading startup festival returns to Munich. Join 5,000 founders, investors and startup enthusiasts for three days of learning, networking...


oraya Funding Tour 2022

oraya is in funding mode and we had exciting conversations with investors and business partners at the PIRATE Summit. Now Bits & Pretzels , ARRtist ,...


We are there: DMEXCO 2022

DMEXCO is a trade fair for digital marketing & advertising that takes place once a year. The largest congress trade fair for the digital industry in...


We are there: Digital X 2022

DIGITAL X is Europe's leading digitization initiative. It connects corporations, SMEs, startups, politicians, visionaries and leading experts in a...


We are there: Kind + Jugend 2022

In September 2022, Kind + Jugend will once again become the central trend and order platform for the international baby and toddler outfitting...


We are there: E-COMMERCE BBQ 2022

The E-Commerce BBQ offers a holistic view of digital commerce - from marketplace strategies, multi-channel concepts, social media, online marketing,...

We are there: Pirate Summit 2022, Cologne

Founded in 2010, PIRATE Summit is a conference specifically designed for entrepreneurs on their journey. It focuses on real life experiences,...

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